Friday, February 4, 2011

Dean EAB Fretless

If you are looking for a platform for creating truly unique musical sounds, this just might be the tool for you.

I made this baritone guitar out of an almost perfect Dean EAB FL CBK-MF fretless bass with a built in tuner. I put flat wound strings and gold tuners on it (to match the Dean logo and insignia) and a bone saddle and nut. I have put a nut extender on it and have it set up to play lap slide and tuned to G D G B D G and the sustain is through the roof. It sounds great but unlike any lap slide guitar I have ever heard due to a much lower tuning and the size and shape of the body. Plugged into an amp it can make ordinary licks sound very powerful yet haunting.  If you take the nut extender off it is a fretless baritone guitar. I have to admit that I really don’t have the knack for playing it that way but I was able to make some interesting noises. I am also including the left-over strings and that should allow for the guitar to be played as a fretless 6 string bass as well.

I have no plans to make more of these but if there is demand I will. I may also make one of them for myself eventually because I think it is way cool.

If you see anything that looks like a flaw… I saw none and it is most likely a fingerprint. You can tell by the reflections on the carpet from the camera flash that this thing is shiny!

Sold - Thanks Matthew!

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