Coming Attractions....

At present I have three guitars in the works. Once I finish with these, my plan is to retire from the guitar business. If you want one of my guitars, you might not want to wait too long.

What I am currently making: - a left handed Dean Performer that is in very good condition. I rarely make left handed guitars except on commission and this one is bound to sell quickly. At the moment I do not know even how what the selling price will be other than it will certainly be $500 or less. I also have a beautiful and very ornate solid top Luna Henna in what is reported to be in very good condition. I believe it will be in the $500 - $600  range as well. I also have a brand new Jumbo Johnson JB-24-NA blem (on the back) that is going to be in the $450 range. Let me know if you are interested in one of these guitars.

My better guitars sound better acoustically than any production baritone guitars out there and all of them at least compare favorably. One buyer recently compared one of my guitars to a grand piano as vs. a Taylor being a smaller upright piano. 

I am also putting sound ports on my future guitars with the exception of resonator guitars unless the electronics package is in the way or specifically asked not to do so in advance. For more information on sound ports, google "guitar sound port". The difference from the player's perspective is impressive.

There is a lot to be said for the used basses like the Alvarez, Michael Kelly, the Ibanez , the Fenders, the Aria, and the Hohners I have converted. First off, they are two or three steps above the brand new instruments I am converting while still being roughly in the same ballpark price wise. Also, once an instrument has a few years on it you can see how it is going to age. The downside is that they are no longer brand new. I intend to keep building baritones out of the new inexpensive basses and the used, more expensive basses. I suspect that if I were going to be doing a lot of gigging that I would lean toward baritones made out of used basses of known gigging quality. It shouldn't be too long before I start hearing back on how well my first generation of baritones is holding up. When I do, I'll post the results in the FAQ.