Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dean EAB Octave/Baritone Guitar

 I made this baritone out of a brand new Dean EAB and it is one big guitar in both size and sound. It has a satin finish and passive electronics. It has a nice low action and sounds great. I have this guitar set up with a bass E string and strings 2 – 6 of a set of medium guitar string set and it is tuned E – E, a whole octave below a regular guitar. I will include the strings to also make it a baritone guitar like my other Deans and capable or tuning to A – A or B – B and will set it up that way before shipping if you prefer.

I did this at the request of a perspective customer and it didn't sell so I am stringing it back the same as my other guitars and selling it that way.


Scale Length:                34 inches
Nut Width:                    1 11/16 inches
Total Length:                50 inches
Body Length:                21 1/2 inches
Upper Bout Width:       12 1/4 inches
Lower Bout Width        18 inches
Body Depth:                 4 1/2 inches

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