**Video Demos***

This section is to show that these guitars are playable… up the neck, down the neck, and every place in between. I am an average player and I know that the quality is not great. I do hope that these clips show some of what these guitars sound like acoustically and that they really aren’t very different to play than your average guitar - 34 inches isn't all that big of a deal. If you hear me stumble, that's not the instrument - it's me. I do that on a soprano uke,  a stand up bass, and everything in between.

Resonator Baritone No. 2 - Unplugged and then plugged in:

Johnson Fretless:

Michael Kelly Firefly 4 TBK 34 inch scale tuned B - B

Hondo H-1000 34 inch scale tuned A - A

Dean EAB 34 inch scale octave guitar except I have it tuned F - F for acoustic projection for my camera's sake.

Johnson JG-702CE 30 inch scale tuned C - C

Michael Kelly Club Custom 4N #2 tuned B - B

I have been asked if you can strum my guitars. I'm not much of a strummer but the answer is "yes". 2 Dean EAB CBK guitars - one tuned A - A and the other tuned B - B

Dean EAB Tuned to B with a "Drop A":

Rogue II AB-304 - 32 inch scale tuned B - B

Hohner TWP600B