Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hohner TWP600B

I made this baritone out of a 1994 Hohner Professional model TWP600B. From what I have read, it listed for $499 17 years ago. Those 17 years have not been entirely kind to the instrument and it has acquired a lot of character along the way – there are at least a dozen small dings, a place on the back of the neck where it was leaned against a heater or something and blackened the finish, and some finish cracks on the head that do not appear to go through the wood – at least I didn’t see any sign of it when I drilled the holes for the new tuners. None of these things has hurt the sound or the playability in the slightest. It has a 34 inch scale, and a 1 3/4 inch nut. The HOHNER mother of pearl inlay on the headstock is really nice and sort of reminds me of high end Martins. Even though it has a thin body profile it has a really big warm sound that projects very well. I don't ever recall seeing a bass like this so this baritone may end up being one of a kind. If you want a pristine guitar just move along and take a look at the Stagg or the Rogue that I have for sale. But if you can appreciate a unique instrument that has suffered its share of abuse with a lot of grace and character then this one might be for you. Sold - thanks Joe!

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