What Buyers Think....

"It is really like having a new type of instrument which plays like a guitar.   It is a great instrument, and I will treasure it."

"I can't begin to brag on this guitar enough after playing it all weekend. Tuned up very easily. Tried altered lower tunings on the way to Drop Ab. Then Drop Ab and a variation(l-h Ab,Db,Ab,Db,Gb,Bb). It tunes so easily and holds the tuning forever. The bridge design and nut slant are ingenious and integral to the tone and playability. My dad is a mechanical wiz and engineering genius and saw the bridge. His comment was "Man! This guy knows his stuff! That's a great idea!" The sound port lets me hear all the warm overtones and the electronics were flawless. I'm mostly into the heavier low tuned forms of metal and this guitar is great for ballads,songwriting,unplugged jams with friends and practicing. And the tone is unreal,to my ears(after playing music for 25 years)guitars sound better and more powerful in this range. Very impressed and thankful!

"My baritone arrived yesterday and I absolutely love it!!! I think it looks killer and it sounds fantastic! The action is just perfect for the way I play. It really is a unique and striking instrument. I plan to play the everlovin' hell out of it and I'll be only too happy to answer folks' inevitable questions and send 'em to your site."

"The seller was extraordinary; a true craftsman. The guitar plays like a dream."

"This seller sets the bar for what every eBayer should shoot for. AAAAAAAAA+"

"Very simply, this guitar thumps. VERY well made & VERY cool to play. Great work!"


"I got my first good opportunity to use my new guitar today and I am very pleased. It plays nicely capoed at D, just as I had hoped. It has a great tone, good brightness, and good volume even without amplification. I am impressed too that it holds its tuning with the capo better than my Gibson and my Taylor. Your setup is just right. No buyers remorse here. Thanks again Terry. Well done."

"The guitar is great!  It plays, looks and sounds fantastic!  Thanks so much for the good deal and prompt shipping."

"The guitar arrived in perfect condition, very well packed, thanks. I have been playing it as much as possible and it is a very cool, unique guitar. You have done a superb job of the conversion and it looks beautiful."

"Instrument fantastic...shipping perfect and fast"

"I received the guitar and it was in perfect condition. After letting it warm up and tuning it, I got to play for a while. It plays beautifully and the sound is wonderful. Really wonderful.... I finally have a baritone guitar that has a great sound, is wonderfully playable and I didn't have sell a body part to be able to afford it! I wrote a new song last night on it and I stayed up way too late last night playing for hours instead of sleeping.  :) Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful guitar and keeping it affordable for regular people. I will be telling anyone interested in you and your guitars."

"I would like to thank you, the guitar is awesome!! The sound is warm and deep and it's a pleasure to play!
Great action, soft and comfortable, no buzz at all and the sound port lets you hear much better the low frequencies and the volume overall. Great work also in placing the piezo as the sound is perfectly balanced along the strings!! The size fits my hands, I am really happy!!!"

“This is one of the best deals I've ever gotten on eBay and I'm SO glad I bought!”

""No words to describe it". It is MAGIC!!! Thanks again for all your help. I am super satisfied, and in love with it…... The Guitar is GREAT! Definitely it was a good choice."

“Very cool item! Super fast shipping! Would absolutely recommend! A+++++ “…“I appreciate the work you do with these guitars...I've been looking for a reasonably priced baritone acoustic for a looong long time now, and none seem to be priced under $1500. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to snag this one when I saw it.”…..”I'm really diggin' the guitar! It's got nice sound, and looks good too.””

”Love the guitar. You had a brilliant idea to do this conversion!”, “.... the sound of the pickup is great... and the intonation up the neck is amazingly good also. Thanks for your innovation!”

"Tremendous guitar, great service! ...this thing is a beast!!" 

“…, had some time to 'bond' with it last night for about 2 hours (and again tonight). VERY cool instrument indeed. Love the sound, it's a beautiful instrument and your work is well done. I had been looking for the Tacoma Bari for months, and luckily found my way to your site. Took a chance, great value for the price and I am very happy. I can't wait to play this in a setting with other instruments - it will fit in nicely.”

“I have been looking for something to give me a totally unique sound and I think this just might be it!”

"Received the guitar within 2 days. Great instrument, great price, happy buyer!"

"fast reliable service very pleased ++++++++++++++++++"

"Arrived in perfect condition. Fantastic seller customer service!"

"Innovatiive product. Quick Delivery. First Class customer service!"

"Very happy with my guitar! Excellent work and stellar communication. A+"

"Absolutely love it. So glad I bought it. :-)"

"Great instrument, Super service and really the best Ebayer! Thanks again!"

"Excellent craftsmanship… Amazingly fast and easy delivery... DEFINITELY buy again." 

"Awesome - very nice work!!!!!!!! Exceeds my expectations. And to think I was this close to buying one of those overpriced $3k Taylors from guitar center. Been searching high and low for about a year now for a bari; would have bought the Taylor had I not seen your site."

"Sounds great, no, make that outstanding! ….  Sounds incredible!  You did a really nice job of converting this guitar. It is all I expected it to be and a bit more"

"Excellent work! The neck angle adjustment is brilliant. Exceeded expectations."

“This is a real man sized guitar! I absolutely love it! It has a huge sound to match the size.”

 “Nice job Terry, Very cool guitar, very happy with it.... A+”

"Great guitar for the money. Excellent condition. Thanks, Terry."

"Very quick shipment. The guitar is awesome!"

“So nice to have that bass!  It's a nice instrument for sure, and unique indeed!”

"I love this instrument!  I do it in a B tuning and it is just amazing for fingerpicking ballads!! I can finally sing in my range. Thanks!

"Thanks!! Great guitar and great sound!"

"A fantastic guitar, exactly as described. seller extremely helpful. a+++"