Monday, February 21, 2011

Alvarez RB-30SC NAT No. 3

This baritone was made from a used 2005 Alvarez RB-30SC NAT that originally listed for $795. It has gold tuners, a 34 inch scale and a 1 11/16 inch nut and comes with a hard case and an extra set of strings. When I got it there was a repair on the treble side of the lower bout that was pretty rough. I have smoothed it out and minimized it to where it is hardly noticeable and the lacquer is smooth and shiny . You can see the repair site in extreme zoom in the last picture – then try to find it on the picture of the guitar body. It in no way affects how the sounds or looks overall. It is a very nice guitar. Other than that and a few light surface scratches that can only be seen from a certain angle it is in very good shape and sounds and plays great. Sold on eBay - Thanks Martin!

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