Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Highland HAB-800 TBK

I made this baritone out of a nearly perfect highly figured transparent black 2009 Highland HAB-800 TBK. This is a very shiny guitar and anything that looks like a flaw is either the grain of the wood or a fingerprint. It has an overall length of 45 inches, an upper bout width of 10 ½ inches, a lower bout width of 14 ½ inches and is 4 ¼ inches thick. It has a very easy to play 32 inch scale and a nut width of 1 11/16 inches. It has a factory hard case in very good condition with a built in hygrometer. The case was missing a hinge pin when I got it but I have replaced it and it seems to be working fine. The guitar has both types of output jack and a built in LCD tuner that works great. I can ship this guitar with the case internationally. Sold - Thanks Debbie!

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