Sunday, June 1, 2014

My 200th Guitar - Martin Sigma No.2

I made this baritone guitar out of what I believe to be a Korean made1991 Martin Sigma STB-M that has acquired a bit of character over its 23+ years. There are finish cracks along the sides and around the jack and some below the bridge. There are also several small dings but nothing too bad. I can find no official information about this model on the internet but I believe the top is solid spruce and the rest of the guitar is flamed maple with a rosewood fingerboard and bridge. I have finished it with a sound port and gold tuners. Even though this guitar shows signs of its age, it is one beautiful and great sounding guitar. Someone is going to love it intensely.  Included is a quick connect locking strap for use with the mounted strap locks and the original hard case (a bit rough on the outside but all latches work and the interior is in very good shape. I am selling these on eBay for $549 plus shipping. Sold - Thanks Matt!


Scale Length:                34 inches
Nut Width:                    1 5/8 inches
Total Length:                47 inches
Body Length:                20 inches
Upper Bout Width:       11 ¾ inches
Lower Bout Width        16 inches
Body Depth:                  4 ¾ inches

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