Sunday, April 1, 2012

Luna Diana

I made this little baritone guitar out of a used Venus Pink Luna Diana. It is in very nearly perfect condition and I saw no flaws while I was converting it. If you have small hands and most of my other guitars are too large for you then this baritone may be for you, particularly if pink is your color. It is tuned B – B and can also be tuned up to C – C if you prefer. It is a little quieter than many of my guitars due to the smaller body but sounds as big as any of them once it is plugged in. This is one sweet little guitar and will definitely draw plenty of attention wherever it goes. I would make more if I could find them but since this is the first of it’s kind I have seen, it is likely to be one of a kind. I finished it with gold tuners and I am selling it on eBay with no case for $495. I gave this one to my sweetie.


  • Small auditorium cutaway body
  • 30" scale length with 1½" nut width
  • Maple body
  • Maple neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Unique skewed ova sound hole
  • Chrome hardware
Design Features
  • Petite neck profile
  • Die cast tuners
  • Piezo pickup with 3-band active equalizer
Luna Guitars Signature Accents
  • Crescent moon inlaid in mother-of-pearl around the sound hole
  • Inlaid mother-of-pearl crescent moon logo on the headstock
  • Exclusive moon phase fret board markers inlaid in mother-of-pearl


Scale Length:                30 inches
Nut Width:                    1 ½ inches
Total Length:                40 ½ inches
Body Length:                17 inches
Upper Bout Width:       9 ¼ inches
Lower Bout Width        13 ¼ inches
Body Depth:                  2 ½ inches

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