Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sanatoga SFAB FN No. 1

I don’t know a lot about the bass I made this guitar from for certain but after reading a bit online I can make some pretty good guesses. I believe this guitar and others like it were made as Michael Kelly basses and Belcat electronics packages added to them instead of Fishman and then labeled as Sanatoga. It was a used bass when I bought it so it does have a few very small dings and swirlies that can only be seen upon very close inspection in reflection. There are no flaws that are visible otherwise. The rosette and position markers are a beautiful abalone and the inlay down the middle of the back is multi color. I believe that the neck is made of mahogany, the fingerboard or rosewood, and the back, sides and top of quilted maple. The top and back may or may not be solid but if it is a laminate, both sides are of the same quilted maple. I finished it with a sound port and gold tuners. This is one beautiful and great sounding guitar. I would make a lot more of these guitars if I could. This one is as nice as any of the Michael Kelly guitars I have made. I am selling it on eBay without a case for $495. I do have a hard case that fits it for an additional $75 plus shipping and a Michael Kelly heavily padded factory gig bag for an additional $40. Sold - Thanks Steve!


Scale Length:                32 inches
Nut Width:                    1 11/16 inches
Total Length:                46 inches
Body Length:                20 inches
Upper Bout Width:       12 ¼ inches
Lower Bout Width        16 ½ inches
Body Depth:                  4 ¾ inches

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