Wednesday, December 7, 2011

JB Player JB-EAB-2500

I made this baritone guitar out of JB Player JB-EAB-2500 hulk with no electronics, tuners, or saddle and a separated bridge. My process for reworking the bridge makes it nearly impossible for the bridge to be removed again, even on purpose.  This guitar plays and sounds great and has a really big sound for such a thin body profile. I have put brand new Belcat EQ-7574R electronics in it along with a braided pickup and a bone saddle so it sounds just as good plugged in as unplugged and the sustain is outstanding. It has a nice, low action and I have finished it with a sound port and chrome hardware. This is the very first of this kind I have seen so it may end up being a unique, one of a kind instrument. I cannot find any specs for it on the internet. I believe that it is made completely of mahogany but I could be wrong. It was made in Indonesia, most likely in 2001. It has a couple of small dings on the top that I have de-emphasized to the point that they are not immediately obvious. I also shows other signs of use but is very good condition. I got a really good deal so I am selling it on eBay for $395. Sold - Thanks Myles!


Scale Length:                34 inches
Nut Width:                    1 5/8 inches
Total Length:                47 inches
Body Length:                20 3/4 inches
Upper Bout Width:       11/7/8 inches
Lower Bout Width        16 1/2 inches
Body Depth:                 2 7/8 inches

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