Thursday, August 11, 2011

Resonator Baritone No. 1

This is my first of this style and the proof of concept for what I hope to be many future resonator baritone guitars. I bought this generic resonator bass for this conversion about 9 months ago and just recently found strings to use for a conversion. The tailpiece adds so much length that regular guitar strings were far too short. I used one regular .013 guitar string and strings out of a set of D’Addario EXL170-12 Regular Light Gauge bass strings for the rest of the guitar. The guitar is strung .013, .018, .025w, .035, .045, and .080 and it works remarkably well. I have added an extra small hole in the tailpiece in case the .013 is not long enough to reach the regular hole – it nearly wasn’t. I have it tuned A – A at the moment but have tested it with the following open tunings:

G-C-G-D-E-G – Plays like open G but is really open C

G-D-G-E-D-G – Plays like open D but is really open G

A-E-A-C#-E-A – Plays like open E but is really open A

I believe that the top is spruce. The sides are a beautiful rich dark cherry color. I only found one blemish while I was converting it and that is a small area on the back that looks like it chipped and was then painted over again. It is not noticeable except in reflection. The resonator is a spider cone and the saddle is bone. The pickup is a regular under saddle type and not particularly made for resonator guitars but it works well. The down side of that type of pickup is that you cannot adjust the spider without taking the cover off. In later guitars I may change this but this is how it came with the bass. It sounds great as it is but it would probably “honk” more with a National or Quarterman cone. I am selling it without a case on eBay for $525. For an additional $10 I will include a nut extender that allows the guitar to be played lap style with a tone bar that you will need to get – there are many styles. For regular slide play you will need to find the one that you like the best. Sold - Thanks Carol!


Scale Length:                34 inches
Nut Width:                    1 11/16 inches
Total Length:                49 inches
Body Length:                19 inches
Upper Bout Width:       10 inches
Lower Bout Width        15 inches
Body Depth:                 3 3/8 inches

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