Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hondo H-1000

I don’t know a lot about the bass this was made of. I have a Hondo classical guitar from the early 80s that has a similar label and logo but I don’t think this one is quite that old – at least it doesn’t look it. It is aging nicely however old it is.

I bought this guitar as a hulk without tuners or electronics. I have replaced the electronics with a very nice package that has a built in tuner. There are some small dings on this guitar but nothing immediately noticeable. The most pronounced is on the bottom side lower bout by the jacks. Also the contour of the electronics do not exactly match that of the places on the guitar where they are mounted.

This action is a little high past the 10th fret but it is still easily playable all the way up the neck. The sound is great - very close to that of very best guitars I have made. I am selling it on eBay for $395. I am selling this one for such a low price because it didn’t cost me very much. It does not have a case but for an additional $30 I have a padded gig bag that is a little too large that you can have.

According to what I have read, it has a spruce top, shina back and sides, and a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, a multi ply binding on the top, and a natural gloss finish


Scale Length:                34
Nut Width:                    1 11/16 inches
Total Length:                48 inches
Body Length:                19 7/8 inches
Upper Bout Width:       12 inches
Lower Bout Width        17 inches
Body Depth:                 4 7/8 inches

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