Sunday, January 9, 2011

Alvarez MSB1

I made this beautiful little baritone out of a used Alvarez MSB1 acoustic electric traveling bass. Its original list price was $699. The total length is just over 38 inches with an upper bout width of 9 ½ inches, a lower bout width of 12 ½ inches and it is 3 ¼ inches thick. The scale length is 27 inches and it has a 1 11/16 inch nut that I have adapted to a 1 5/8 inch neck. I have used D’Addario EXP23 baritone guitar strings on it and it sounds great – you would never expect this much sound out of such a small guitar.It is tunes well to both A - A and B - B and I suspect that with normal guitar strings it would tune nicely  to C - C, making it very easy to accompany brass instruments without using a capo.  This is a small guitar. If you play a uke or a mandolin as well as a regular guitar, you will have no problems though some that don't may find the fingerboard a little cramped. It comes with the pictured factory padded gig bag. Since it is small, I may be able to ship it to countries that I cannot ship larger guitars. I hope to be able to find more of these in the future because they work so well but I am told they are quite rare. Sold on eBay - thanks Kristofor!

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