Thursday, November 25, 2010


I made this baritone out of a used 2004 Cort. According to what I have read, it originally listed for $699. It has a spruce top, fingerboard and bridge of rosewood, and the rest of the guitar is mahogany with a satin finish. It has a very easy to play 30 inch scale and a 1 5/8 inch nut. There are a few small issues with this guitar that I have pictured. There is a scrape and a dent on the headstock that I have de-emphasized, there is a small dent on the binding of the lower bout out the bass side. I have replaced the chipped battery box. None of these things are obvious or affect the play in the slightest. This is a beautiful guitar that is just starting to age very well. Sold for $505 with a hard case.

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